Hide & Seek with Little Ones Rock

Hide & Seek with Little Ones Rock

Let’s Hide & Seek with Little Ones Rock!

Little Ones Rock: August 12th- September 7th Photo: CCC/LSG

Children’s Communication Center’s  will begin its Little Ones Rock event on Saturday, August 12th!

We will post pictures and then hide our #BeRocks starting with our words beginning with A. Then over the next twenty-six days, we will post pictures and hide the remaining rocks #AtoZ, one letter per day, but many #BeRocks each day. On September 7th, day 27, we will share our finale!

What is Little Ones Rock?

This is our Center’s painted rock campaign created as a child-parent-community activity to smooth the transition from summer to the approaching  #BackToSchool schedule.

This first theme for our #LittleOneRocks campaign is dedicated to all that our “little ones” can Be.

We are starting with #BeRocks to express concepts that will fill our “little ones” (and others) with inspiration, positive thinking, encouragement, and imagination.

The #BeRocks span the alphabet from #AtoZ with words generated by our friends of all ages. Since we are a pediatric Speech-Language Pathology practice (SLP), the language, literacy, and learning aspect should not surprise anyone. 

How do we participate in Little Ones Rock?

Share your suggestion/s in a FB message to Children’s Communication Center, Inc., Tallahassee, FL: What you would tell “little ones” to “be _________” What word would you put in the blank?

What word do you want your little one to find on our #BeRock? Photo: CCC/LSG

If you would like to share in the placement of the #BeRocks, please FB message Children’s Communication Center, Inc., Tallahassee, FL, with a special alphabet letter request or date between August 12th – September 6th.   Our gifted heart rock in our Little Free Library blossomed into this event!    

Thank you for our heart rock you gifted our Little Free Libraries! Photo: CCC/ASG

If you are a business that would like to support rock placement in/out of your physical space and are on the natural path of our “little ones” and families, FB message, Children’s Communication Center, Inc., Tallahassee, FL.  If you have a word that lines up with your business, let us know and we will reserve it for you!

My SLP concept rock, beBRAVE little one…

“Little ones can teach us plenty, including how to be BRAVE ❤️ Bravery is seen daily as I sit across from each of my SLP friends working to move forward through their communication challenges combined with all that comes with being who they are, no matter their age. I applaud each of my friends & their families.” 

#BeBRAVE little one Photo: CCC/LSG

What do we do when we find your #BeRocks?

When you find our Little Ones Rock #BeRocks, please do the following:

  1. Take a picture of your little one holding the rock, both the front and the back of the rock. If you prefer to keep your little one’s face out of the photo, that is absolutely fine, little one’s hands are perfect too! We also appreciate grownups, so join the photo shoot!
  2. Tag us @childrenscommunication on your PUBLIC post on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Use our hashtag #LittleOnesRock in your PUBLIC post/s on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Rehide the #BeRocks and let us know in your post where you are rehiding it.
  5. Then when we see your post, we will Thank You by donating a book to our Little Free Library (LFL) at Winthrop Park’s playground!! Be sure to visit to Share & Borrow a book too! Watch our LFL dedication video.
  6. Look for more rocks and repeat the steps above!


  • This is NOT a Scavenger Hunt, it is a “hide & seek” activity. The rocks should be VISIBLE, not hidden in grass (ruins lawn mowers) and in a safe, public location.
  • Place the #BeRocks somewhere safe in the natural path of  little ones. 
  • In order for your posts to be visible, they must be set as PUBLIC for the audience.
  • Before placing a #BeRocks in a business location, gain permission from the owner and the manager.
  • For more community guidelines, please see the Tallahassee Rocks guidelines for businesses that are OFF LIMITS.
  • Children’s Communication Center’s Facebook link and our Instagram link.
  • Contact us with any questions.

A(nother) rock word-filled rock painting day in the life of This SLP,