Summer Speech-Language Packages Available NOW!

Summer Speech-Language Packages Available NOW!

Here Comes Summer

Yes, Children’s Communication Center (CCC) is offering our successful and highly requested Summer Packages for the 25th summer!  

Parents and children often describe the Summer Packages as a customized camp experience combined with Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). *See our Director, Lori Savage Grayson’s note below.

In addition, CCC offers intensive and highly focused programs as appropriate for those who would benefit from these type of services. This allows for more than one session per week, as appropriate.

While each session may vary in length, typically each appointment is an hour. At this time, half day and full day are not available…maybe next year! 

The Summer Packages are open to our alum, current, and new families!

Summer Packages

Summer Packages 

…are customized to meet the needs of each child, teen or young adult. Flexible scheduling is available to meet the summer camp and travel schedules.

Working with each family, CCC will develop an individualized, short-term program “bundled” for each person’s Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) or related concern(s).

There are many Summer Packages to choose from, let’s find the best one for your family!

While most Summer Packages are provided at CCC, we continue to offer some Summer Packages at local schools and camps.

McKay and Gardiner Scholarship funds may be available for your child’s Summer Package with CCC. Funding dates and availability will be verified by CCC and each family ensuring all are informed of the financial options and responsibilities.

In addition, if your family accesses the Medical Flexible Spending Account or has a Health Savings Account, these may be funding options as well.

CCC Summer Speech-Language Services

…are perfect for those for families who want to continue SLP services during the summer months. CCC is available to review your child’s current IEP and SLP testing results and develop the most appropriate SLP services for your family.

These SLP services include, but are not limited to, speech articulation & phonology, oral motor speech, voice, fluency (stuttering), oral language, written language, language-learning, and pragmatic language challenges.

These SLP services can be combined with one of our Summer Packages, as approved by CCC.

CCC Language, Literacy & Learning Packages

…focus on the strong interwoven relationship between a child’s oral language, early literacy, reading, and written language development. This may include a child’s ability to be successful with mathematics, specifically word problems, which also require a strong language foundation.

CCC School & Success Packages

… are available for those who are eager to improve school success  by building a stronger language-learning foundation through improving: Organizational skills, study habits, test taking, summer reading, rules of the playground, or other areas related to your child’s success at school. If your child does not have a current IEP or SLP evaluation, we can discuss what would be appropriate for your family.

CCC Review & Refresher Packages

…offer Speech-Language services for those who may no longer receive SLP services in school, but would benefit from a review/refresher program. Many of our alum families return each summer to update and stabilize speech, voice, fluency (stuttering), language, language-learning, social communication interaction, or other related areas which need a “boost”.

CCC Language, Art & Music Packages

…focus on incorporating art and/or music into the SLP sessions.  Ms. Grayson’s ability to integrate a child’s speech-language-communication goals with art and/or music along with more “traditional” methods has yielded valuable successes during her 38 years of experience.  To be clear, this is not a lesson in art or music, but the purposeful use of these activities during SLP sessions.

Additional CCC Programs

Social Communication Interaction Groups

…focusing on social communication, social language, and social emotional skills in a small group setting. It is possible to begin on an individual basis and transition to a small group.

The small groups can include siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, or other children scheduled with this Center.

Children, teens, or young adults with or without challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorder can benefit from these groups.

YaYa’s in the Kitchen

…is kitchen science filled with language-literacy-learning opportunities; baking edibles and focusing on sequencing, reading, measuring, mathematics, science, art and more; and recipes for edibles and non-edibles requiring no baking.

Show & Tell 

…developed by Ms. Grayson as a child/parent individual or small group opportunity facilitating & teaching early language and social communication interaction (play) skills through appropriate floor-time and table time activities.

Show & Tell creates a strong parental foundation of understanding and use of social interaction/play development and skills.

Parents report Show & Tell increases their comfort level with interacting and play, increases their successful “fun” time, and decreases family frustration during the early communication years.

Show & Tell highlights the understanding/use of early gestures, essential core vocabulary sign language, and early words and phrases to facilitate successful early communication skills.

Parents are welcome to form a group with family and/or friends and contact this Center to schedule times in their homes or join CCC groups.

Older infant, toddler, preschool and young school age groups are available.

CCC offers 4 week and 8 week programs.

Corporate Speech & Communication Services

…focus on social communication interaction, interview techniques, cover letter & resume writing, accent modification, public speaking and related skills.

Program goals and objectives may include, but are not limited to, increasing one’s comfort with public speaking, improving one’s effectiveness in voice use, enhancing one’s conversational skills, phone and social media (email, text, messaging) best practices and etiquette, or other communicative style concerns.

While CSCS originated as a program for middle school students through young adults, it quickly expanded to include adults aiming to improve their professional or personal communication skills.

Many a successful candidate for Eagle Scout &Best & Brightest has completed the CSCS program.

Participants report an improved ability to be more effective in their oral and written communication.

CSCS group in-services and training are also available.

The CSCS program is based on each participant’s goals/objectives, but typically, requires a minimum of 8 to 12 hours.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD) 

…services focus on those who experience a tongue thrust which is negatively affecting their dentition and/or speech sound production precision.

This is typically a 12 to 16 week program developed by Ms. Grayson who was specifically trained in OMD during her graduate Communicative Disorders program through the School of Medicine at Emory University.

Interested? Learn more…

Children’s Communication Center strives to offer the most flexible scheduling for your busy summer calendar by working around your vacation and camp plans.

Contact us to learn if your child/family would benefit from one of our Summer Packages. 

Once your eligibility is determined, we can discuss which package is best.

YES, we continue to offer a variety of Summer Packages which include a discount for those who schedule and agree to SLP appointments for two or more months.

As with all SLP services, these short-term “bundled” options require consistent attendance and commitment to yield progress.

*A special note from our Director & Founder

I  look forward to many summer days with your children and family. I am well aware of the complexity of summer schedules and all that it brings. My family owned a summer sleep away children’s camp, “The Savages’ Camp Mountain Lake” and for more than 25 summers, I packed and headed to Hendersonville, North Carolina to learn and explore. As an SLP, each summer as the sun beams down and the scent of rain fills the air, I am reminded that learning does not stop during the summer months, and I prepare for my new summer friends here at Children’s Communication Center.

I am looking forward to many summer-filled days in the life of This SLP,


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