Community Partner Share: Word of South

Community Partner Share: Word of South

Word of South Festival 2018

It seems perfectly obvious to us why a Speech-Language Pathologist would contact Word of South Festival (WOS) to partner in the celebration of literature and music. Are you wondering why?!

Let’s start at the beginning…

A Speech-Language Pathologist is a professional educated and trained in communication. That’s the brief definition and fits the purpose of this story.

This includes speech and language and social communication and interaction.  While we missed the first three years of adding Word of the South to our Community Partner Share, we were determined to include them this year!

When you learn more about Word of South Festival, you will see the connection.

What is the Word of South Festival?

It “…is a festival that brings together the world of literature and music, with performances by over 100 internationally known writers and musicians on eight different stages around the park.”

When did it begin?

The inaugural event was in April, 2015 and highlighted “…a unique blend of writers and musicians and an exploration of the relationship between the two disciplines. The festival features authors who write about music, musicians who also are authors, authors and musicians appearing together, and everything in between…”

2018 Information

This weekend, you can join the event on April 13-15 for the fourth annual Word of South Festival in Tallahassee’s award-winning Cascades Park!

There are more than 100 artists who will entertain your family on eight different stages around Tallahassee’s gorgeous Cascades Park.

Word of South Festival 2018 Shared via WOS

WOS Children’s Program

Each year, the Word of South Festival includes our children by introducing them to the ‘world of the arts’. The authors and musicians will be just what the toddler through older adolescents will enjoy! (Ages 2 to 18 years). Be sure to check the schedule for Saturday and Sunday to plan your events!

The Connection

At Children’s Communication Center, we spend our days with young children, teens, and young adults focusing on hearing words, remember words, understanding words, using words, reading words, and writing words.

At the same time, we may focus on improving vocal intensity, rate, fluency, and prosody. Both children and adults, especially professionals who use their voices for work may consult with us to learn appropriate vocal care to prevent or eliminate hoarseness and  habits resulting in vocal misuse/abuse.

Our Corporate Speech and Communication Services emphasize a wide range of public speaking skills, often similar to those used by artists who present their ‘work’ to their audiences.

The Connection, Part II

During our SLP sessions, we  often incorporate art and music. Some of our SLP friends do not read, so they draw. Some may have challenges using fluent speech or with oral motor planning for speaking , so we sing. Other friends find that expressing themselves through writing is less challenging than speaking to others. Some friends prefer to read near a friend, rather than speak to a friend.

Little Ones Rock

Our Center is proud to partner with Word of South and support their event. The WOS Festival blends with our emphasis on family activities focusing on language, literacy, and the arts.

A special 2018 contribution from Children’s Communication Center will be our #LittleOnesRock #BeRocks from #AtoZ. These hand-painted rocks are  filled with inspirational and positive messages for the little ones at the event.

Little Ones Rock for Word of South 2018

Any questions, contact us!