Philanthropy Share: The Chocolate Spectrum

Philanthropy Share: The Chocolate Spectrum

A Philanthropy Share Filled with Chocolates

Children’s Communication Center is thrilled to feature our Philanthropy  Share campaign with The Chocolate Spectrum Cafe and Academy. 

While it is not quite in the Tallahassee driving loop, it can be reached by shopping online or when visiting the Jupiter, Florida area.

Our Philanthropy Share with The Chocolate Spectrum


How Can You Help?

It’s simple.

Join our Philanthropy Share campaign by adding your, LIKE to our Facebook page during April is Autism Awareness Month.

Then, shop and save 10% when you order online with The Chocolate Spectrum.

Why are we featuring The Chocolate Spectrum?


This concept is near and dear to our Founder and Director, Lori Savage Grayson‘s heart.

Ms. Grayson, has successfully combined cooking and baking during her Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) services since her graduate school program at Emory University.

YaYa’s in the Kitchen

Ms. Grayson expanded her cooking and baking SLP activities by establishing YaYa’s in the Kitchen in her Tallahassee private practice.

These SLP services weave each child’s SLP goals/objectives into kitchen science & the arts featuring edible/non-edible cooking and baking projects.


Who doesn’t enjoy delicious chocolate?


The Chocolate Spectrum is a family based artisan chocolate company founded by a Mom and Speech-Language Pathologist, Valerie Herskowitz, for her son who is a young adult with autism.

Once a home kitchen bakery, The Chocolate Spectrum has expanded to include a beautiful Cafe offering chocolates, bakery treats, coffee, and classes through it’s Academy program.

Last, and maybe most important

Your online purchase supports a program developed to provide young adults with developmental disabilities training and  employment opportunities.

When you add your LIKE to the Children’s Communication Center FB page, then go and purchase chocolates online with The Chocolate Spectrum, you can  use CODE CCC10 to receive a 10% discount through April 30th.

The Chocolate Spectrum prides itself on providing an environment where each individual can “engage in meaningful and purposeful experiences with an emphasis on social interaction.”

Pay It Forward and Join Us!

Ms. Grayson and the Children’s Communication Center support The Chocolate Spectrum, how it came to be, and all that it has done and will do for young adults who are differently-abled.

It is wonderful to see how the Jupiter community and beyond are benefiting from its delicious treats and diverse programs and classes.

To learn more about YaYa’s in the Kitchen at Children’s Communication Center with Ms. Grayson, contact us.



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