Philanthropy Share: Foster Love Tallahassee

Philanthropy Share: Foster Love Tallahassee

Philanthropy Shares Are Year-Round  

Children’s Communication Center (CCC) is thrilled to support community partners and events throughout the year with our Philanthropy Share campaign.

This month our Philanthropy Share features a new community grassroots effort, Foster Love Tallahassee

What Is Foster Love Tallahassee?

Thank you, Alix Kalfin, creator of Foster Love Tallahassee, for sharing the information for this blog post.

Foster Love Tallahassee is dedicated to supporting and helping foster parents and children entering foster care during the critical first 48 hours of transition.

Foster Love Tallahassee fills care bags with essentials providing the foster parents with what they need for the first two days without an extra trip to the store. This allows the foster parents to spend their time attending to the emotional needs of the child/ren entering their home and family.

Our words seem to be perfect for the Foster Love Tallahassee! Photo: CCC

Why Are We Supporting Foster Love Tallahassee

Children’s Communication Center strives to share the importance of early language development on literacy and later learning and the benefits of family reading!

When we heard of Foster Love Tallahassee, we knew it was a perfect fit for our Philanthropy Share as it adds an opportunity to highlight the importance of reading to a child, reading with a child, and reading alongside a child every day.

CCC will add a book and a Little Ones Rock hand-painted rock to each bag! Photo shared via Foster Love Tallahassee

How Will CCC Support Foster Love Tallahassee?



by collecting new book donations from you, the community! In addition, we will donate books to increase the number of children who will benefit.


for each book the community donates to this Philanthropy Share campaign with Foster Love Tallahassee, CCC will add a book to our Little Ones Rock Little Free Library (LFL) Trio dedicated to the children and families of our community at Winthrop Park’s playground in 2017.

This partnering with the Foster Love Tallahassee doubles the benefits of family reading by placing books in the hands of more ‘little ones’.

Our Little Free Libraries house books for birth through grand/parents! Photo: CCC


this Center will provide our Little Ones Rock (LOR) Be Rocks from A to Z filled with words of inspiration, positive thinking, encouragement, and imagination. We will match each book donation with one of our hand-painted rocks for each care bag.

Little Ones Rock from Better Hearing & Speech Month 2018. Photo: CCC

Your Participation Helps Our Community

Learn more about becoming a Foster Parent and consider opening your home to the children who are in need of your care.

We all know that there are many ways to support foster parents if being one is not an option. That is why Children’s Communication Center chose Foster Love Tallahassee for our newest Philanthropy Share!

Join us and donate new books for all ages, birth to young adult, to fill the care bags. In addition, we are gladly accepting donations of new outfits, pajamas, underwear, and shoes (sizes newborn to 5T) to add to the care bags.

Contact us for donation pickup or delivery options!

Your Donations Are Appreciated! Photo: CCC/LSG

Follow Foster Love Tallahassee!

Follow Foster Love Tallahassee on their Facebook page to learn more and to ensure you are up-to-date with all their yearly activities and information.

Thank YOU!

Our Director & Founder, Lori Savage Graysonbelieves that the success of ‘our children’ is only possible because of the trust, respect and cooperation that we all share.

Children’s Communication Center thanks you for joining us and supporting Foster Love Tallahassee. 

Together, we are making a difference!

Lori Savage Grayson