Philanthropy Share: FSU Center for Autism & Related Disabilities

Philanthropy Share: FSU Center for Autism & Related Disabilities

Join Our Philanthropy Shares for Autism Awareness

Children’s Communication Center is thrilled to support community partners and events throughout April and all-year-long focusing on increasing awareness, understanding, and acceptance of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as well as, other Speech-Language Pathology related disorders.

CCC is surrounded in BLUE for Autism Awareness


What is FSU CARD?

Thank you, FSU CARD, for sharing the information for this blog post.

The FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) is part of the FSU Autism Institute and serves over 4,600 individuals ranging from toddlers to adults in the 18 counties of the Florida Panhandle.

The valuable services provided through CARD, such as consultation, resources and educational support are free to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their families and professionals who work with them.

These services help to build knowledge, confidence, infrastructure and sustainability in our community for those living with ASD.

If you do not live in the region that is served by the FSU CARD center, you can find a location near you.

What is the Kickin’ It For Autism Soccer Clinic?

The 2nd Annual Kickin’ It For Autism soccer clinic is a way to further the mission of FSU CARD and the FSU Autism Institute by promoting Autism Awareness and welcoming ALL athletes to participate!

Shared by FSU CARD

 How Can You Participate? It’s Easy!

Start by registering for the FSU CARD Kickin’ It for Autism soccer clinic.

Join the fun on Saturday, April 28th, starting at 10 am with the clinic, followed by autographs with the FSU Soccer team and coaches, and then prizes! Details here.

This soccer clinic is a community event conducted by the FSU Soccer Team and Coaches. Be sure to watch their video!

This is an event for families with children of all ages and welcomes all soccer ‘players’ from beginner to advanced. During the clinic players will be able to learn new skills or sharpen existing techniques.

Your Participation Helps Our Community

All net proceeds from the event will support the services, training, and research provided through the FSU CARD office and the FSU Autism Institute.

Follow FSU CARD All Year Long!

Follow the FSU CARD Facebook page and their newsletter to ensure you are up-to-date with all their yearly activities and information for families. Contact CARD to learn if their services or resources would benefit your family.

Children’s Communication Center & FSU CARD

Our Center is proud to support the 2nd Kickin’ It For Autism soccer event and include FSU CARD in our Philanthropy Share campaign!

A special 2018 contribution from Children’s Communication Center will be our #LittleOnesRock #BeRocks filled with words of inspiration, positive thinking, encouragement, and imagination.

When you find a Little One Rock at the event, please use the hashtags on the back of your rock to share on our Facebook and Instagram, as well as the FSU CARD, and TLH Rocks social media. You can then re-hide it for others to find, keep it for a bit and hide later, or keep it as a memento.

Little Ones Rock for FSU CARD’s Kickin’ It for Soccer 2018

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder defined by persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction, accompanied by restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities. The prevalence rates have been rising steadily since the 1960s.

Quote: Lori Savage Grayson

Speech-Language Pathology & ASD

As a Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) private practice, Children’s Communication Center, is committed to providing high quality, well-managed & professional SLP services to young children through adults with ASD and their families.

We work in collaboration with other medical and educational professionals and local and state programs, like FSU CARD and the Autism Institute, to ensure the most appropriate services for each child and family.

Children’s Communication Center & ASD

Our Director & Founder, Lori Savage Graysonbelieves that the success of ‘our children’ is only possible because of the trust, respect and cooperation that we all share.

SLPs are integral professionals in the lives of families living with ASD. In a recent blog post, Lori Savage Grayson discusses the benefits of SLP services.

Or, you can read the abbreviated version in the Tallahassee Democrat’s article “April is Autism Awareness Month”, online here.

We invite you to follow this Center’s blog posts highlighting ASD topics with an extra focus during April is Autism Awareness Month followed by May is Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Thank you to all who strive to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of ASD.

Together, we are making a difference!