Philanthropy Share: Coach Willie Brown’s Rockhead Synergy

Philanthropy Share: Coach Willie Brown’s Rockhead Synergy

Philanthropy share

Children’s Communication Center is proud to feature Rockhead Synergy, Inc. a non-profit organization focused on it’s vision of “…developing educational and community-based programs that enhance learning and student performance…” during May is Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Photo Source: Provided with permission for use by Willie Brown

First some history…

Willie Brown, is not only the CEO of Rockhead Synergy, Inc., he is an accomplished local children’s book author, coach, teacher, motivational speaker and mentor to many of the children in our communities, including my own sons, Adam and Zachary.

Adam sat in Coach Brown’s science class in seventh grade at Maclay School, 2000-2001. I distinctly remember Adam speaking about his teacher and recall the fantastic solar system mobile Adam made with a classmate. Of course, there was some mention of popcorn in class?!

Enter Zachary, six years later, who also benefited from science class during his seventh grade at Maclay School, 2006-2007, with Coach Brown. Again, there is mention of popcorn?!

Photo Source: ASG for CCC

As I later learned, Coach Brown had a popcorn machine in his classroom!

Beyond the class, Coach Brown spoke of his life and the impact that violence, drugs, abuse, and alcoholism had on his family. THIS is the knowledge he shared which reached both our sons far beyond their textbooks.

Fast forward, Zachary approaches Coach Brown about trying out for the Maclay Baseball Team after being away from the sport since park play during lower school.

Coach Brown shares that the team is filled, but if Zachary wants to work hard, practice with the team, and see where it takes him, he can. And, that is just what Zachary did all the way until he graduated as a senior on the team.

Now, Coach Brown has worn many hats through the years we’ve known each other and many before we met. I was able to secure his Miami Marlin baseball cards and he kindly signed them for Adam and Zachary one year for gifts.

Photo Source: Provided with permission for use by Willie Brown (This is not our actual card)

While Coach Brown and I have talked about featuring his children’s books through this Center in the past, it is this year that we share the significant ties between language, literacy, and learning.

Research shows the benefits of early exposure to words, both spoken and written, on a child’s language development. Since language is the foundation for literacy and learning, a stronger language foundation culminates with increased success at school and in academics. It is here that Coach Brown and I find ourselves back together!

Questions: Why does a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) discuss literacy?  AND, What could an SLP possible do?

Answer: Because language is the foundation for literacy and learning, an SLP will teach the underlying skills to form a strong and stable foundation. This includes, but is not limited to • Vocabulary • Grammar • Phonology • Sequencing • Idiomatic concepts • Categorizing • Summarizing • Social language skills. Read more about each area in related blogs.

And, there you have it, this Center’s Philanthropy Share of Rockhead Synergy, Inc. featured during the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association‘s May is Better Hearing & Speech Month campaign.

Photo Source: Provided with permission for use by ASHA

Currently, Coach Brown has published three children’s books and has eight stories pending with his company, Rockhead Synergy, Inc.

Photo Source: Provided with permission for use by Willie Brown

Our Center will be featuring his three published books during this month, so stay tuned! And remember, these books are available for purchase.

Last, YOU are invited to JOIN US by following our May is Better Hearing Month campaign! Questions or concerns? Contact Us!

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Together, we are making a difference!

Lori Savage Grayson