A Day in the Life of This SLP: Sharing

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Sharing

Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists Assist After Hurricane Harvey

Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists are two of the professionals being called to Texas to assist in the Hurricane Harvey crisis.

Some friends have commented that seems odd?! 

As a pediatric SLP… Photo: CCC

Who might need a Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist?

Let me help you understand why this would be important to the children, families, seniors and the general population affected by Hurricane Harvey.

ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists are able to provide diagnostic and intervention services which benefit the smallest preemies to the oldest seniors who may be experiencing communication and related challenges, including but not limited to hearing, understanding, memory, talking, swallowing, eating, social communication and more.

How many infants are in the intensive care units being seen for sucking, swallowing & feeding challenges? How many have arrived since the storm?

How many hospitalized pediatric patients also requiring Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology services?

How may adults are hospitalized with strokes or head injuries resulting in comprised oral and written language and communication?  How many are relearning to chew, swallow, and manage liquids and solid foods?

How many adults live with some form of dementia and are now displaced creating even more confusion and challenges communicating?

How many adults are hospitalized with laryngeal or oral cancer who are in need of a Speech-Language Pathologist?

How many children and adults lost their hearing aids in the storm? How many seniors lost their dentures? How many are struggling to hear, communicate, or eat because of this simple lost item?!

How many children, teens, adults with autism spectrum disorder are affected by this unimaginable event?

If you know a family who can benefit from these social stories by  The Autism Helper  please share with them as these were created for the children and families in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We have created similar stories here at Children’s Communication Center for storms, electrical outages based on our experience with hurricane season in Florida and what helps our SLP friends and families.

How many children, teens or adults are challenged by attention deficit disorders and are in a shelter possibly more overwhelmed than the next person?

How many children stutter to the point where they may not be able to communicate especially in this crisis situation?

How many children, teens or adults have hearing losses and communicate through sign language?

How many children experience selective mutism and now find themselves in a shelter?

How many residents may communicate through other alternative or augmentative communication systems?

How many residents have experienced health related challenges since the storm which now compromise their hearing, speech, swallowing, eating or overall communication skills?

How many families face challenges to help their children, teens, and themselves comprehend and express their feelings or their needs and their wants while experiencing the shock of this storm?

How many Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists are displaced and are themselves affected by Hurricane Harvey?

THESE are a few of the reasons Texas is seeking help from certified and clinically based Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologists.

If you are a Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist and want to help, read this information shared by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association from the State of Texas.

Source: CCC/LSG

While I am not currently a hospital based SLP (which is what Texas is seeking), I know we can help in other ways…

How Can We Help?

With Hurricane Katrina, this Center participated by filling 100 Shoeboxes of Happiness for the children of New Orleans.

Hoping to contribute to the children and families affected by Hurricane Harvey in a similar way, we found no news on the horizon.

Let’s Make a Special Collection of Little Ones Rock Be Rocks from A to Z…

Until… I read a post on the Tallahassee Rocks Facebook page, requesting painted rocks to travel to Houston with another member, Rebecca Krashen.

Rebecca is not your ordinary volunteer, she is a trained Red Cross disaster relief volunteer, although she is serving on her own at this time. 

Now, with Rebecca’s help, we added a special collection of hand painted rocks through our campaign entitled Little Ones Rock with Be Rocks from A to Z, a family activity created in August for our local children as they returned Back to School.

Little Ones Rock Collection: Hurricane Harvey 2017

Little Ones Rock Be Rocks from A to Z for Hurricane Harvey Children & Adults. Photo: CCC/LSG

Perfect! We are sharing our words of inspiration with the little ones and all affected by the storm.

Our hope is that each hand-painted rock brings encouragement and support to those who hold them.

More than thirty messages painted and sealed within 8 hours of saying, we’d be glad to help! 

Let’s Send More than Our Little Ones Rock Collection!

While corresponding with Rebecca, I learned she is also a certified teacher.

She plans to fill the days of the little ones with activities. This not only benefits the children, but gives the parents some adult time while knowing their children are safe under Rebecca’s watch.

As soon as I learned of Rebecca’s plan, we realized that we could send more than our painted rocks.

Donations for Hurricane Harvey 2017

Blank books, reading books, coloring pencils, book marks & more! Photo: CCC/LSG

We are sending reading books, book marks, art supplies, and blank story books which we purchased for our Little Free Library

Just three months ago, on June 4, 2017, we donated and dedicated the libraries to the children and families of our community.

LFL Dedication

June 4, 2017: Dedicating the Children’s Communication Center Little Free Library. Photo: CCC/LSG

How wonderful to be able to share these items with those who can benefit most several states West of us!

These supplies will be used to assist children in creating their stories, related or not to their current stay at the shelter, through their words & their pictures.

Our small video shows our day of gathering the goodies less than 24 hours after learning of the request for the painted rocks. 

While I will remain here at the Center in Tallahassee, I know that Rebecca will be able to share our package with the children and families she meets.

As a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, I know the power of the children’s words and their pictures which will fill these blank books will serve a positive purpose as they begin to communicate their feelings or use their imagination during this early healing time following Hurricane Harvey.


The power of each child’s words… Photo: CCC/LSG

We believe that no matter how small, each act of kindness is significant.

LFL heart rock

This single gifted heart rock blossomed into our Little Ones Rock campaign. Photo: CCC/ASG

Rebecca Krashen, we can not thank you enough for your volunteering as you travel to spend time with the children and families awaiting you at the shelters in and around Houston, Texas.

Be safe and we look forward to hearing your stories upon your return.

A sharing day in the life of This SLP,