Our Little Ones Rock Finale

Our Little Ones Rock Finale

Is It The End?

As we approach September 7th, the day originally intended to be the 27th and final day of our #LittleOnesRock campaign, we realize that this is not the end, but a transition.

#LittleOnesRock Photo: CCC/LSG

A Brief History

To learn the back story of how Children’s Communication Center began our #LittleOnesRock campaign, read our previous blog posts:

Briefly, our story started simple with one random act of kindness if the form of a heart rock place in our Little Free Library.

The #LittleOnesRock campaign with #BeRocks from #AtoZ included more than 500 words suggested by the community hand-painted by this Center’s friends onto each rock.

Always seeking ways to integrate language, literacy, and learning with our little ones (young and older), we saw a meaningful and fun opportunity!

In addition to the #AtoZ rocks, there were several special edition collections.

  • A set for the Tallahassee Rocks Group to use in a display promoting and explaining the rock painting concept.
  • The set for Midtown Reader, a local independent book shop, with words to match specific book titles for young readers.
  • The we must have “be ILLUMINATING, little one” total solar eclipse set.
  • Our set supporting new moms with words of inspiration provided to WEECare’s Diaper and Wipes Event.
  • The dozens of specific words requested by local businesses and schools.
  • And most recently, a collection filled with words of hope and support for little ones and families displaced by Hurricane Harvey and now at a shelter.

Now, it is time for the finale.

Who Can Participate?

The #LittleOnesRock Finale and what continues after this celebration is open to the community.

Together, we will continue the #LittleOnesRock campaign of #BeRocks from #AtoZ. 

Together, we will create new messages on the #BeRocks that will fill our little ones (and others) with inspiration, positive thinking, encouragement, and imagination.

What Is The Little Ones Rock Finale?

The #LittleOnesRock Finale is the conclusion of the first aspect of this almost month-long campaign dedicated to our little ones.

This Center, #childrenscommunication, will place rocks throughout the community for the rockers to find, customize, and then re-hide.

The #LittleOnesRock with #BeRocks from #AtoZ will be formatted as all of those we have shared since August 12th EXCEPT there will be a blank space or a line for the rocker to complete by using the positive word of their choice.

What word do you want to write on your #BeRock? Photo: CCC/LSG

Where Is The Finale?

The finale of our #LittleOnesRock campaign will be spread throughout the community just as the first 26 sets of #BeRocks from #AtoZ have been.

We will provide “hints” as we place them. Again, each rock will be visible and on the natural path of little ones and their families.

If you are new to the #LittleOnesRock campaign, THINK:

  • Our Little Free Library at Winthrop Park’s playground and around the park
  • Lake Ella where little ones wonder, explore and play
  • McCord and Chittenden parks in Betton Hills, green spaces filled with beauty
  • Dorothy B. Oven park, remember to stay on the paths
  • Killarney Way Park
  • Cascades Park
  • Locally owned eateries, coffee shops, and businesses
  • Other parks, green spaces, artistic environments and more
  • Remember, once we place them, they may move to who knows where?!

When Is The Finale?

RESCHEDULED: One month later than planned due to Hurrican Irma’s interruption, we are celebrating on Saturday, October 7th, 2017! 

The Finale is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 7th and continue through Sunday, September 10th,  2017.

However, safety first, as we write the State of Florida is under a State of Emergency as Hurricane Irma travels in our direction.

If there is a delay due to severe weather, we will share the news through our social media AND, reschedule!

How To Participate In The Finale?

Please complete the following steps to keep our campaign going.

We ask that each rocker select two rocks to customize, one for each hand.

  1. Look for the Finale #LittleOnesRock pre-formatted #BeRocks from #AtoZ and complete the phrase with your paint pens. “be ____, little one”
  2. Re-seal the rock, especially the front if necessary.
  3. Take a picture of your customized rock, post it on Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #littleonesrock.
  4. Re-hide your customized rock.
  5. Share a location clue so your customized rock can be found.
  6. When the rock is shared on social media and we see the post, we will donate a book to our Little Free Library at Winthrop Park’s playground!

This single gifted heart rock blossomed into our Little Ones Rock campaign. Photo: CCC/ASG

Why Is There A Finale

The Finale brings us full circle to the day I found this adorable heart rock in our Little Free Library the Winthrop Park playground.

The LFL was gifted a heart rock. Photo: CCC/ASG

If you know who painted this rock and who placed the rock in our Little Free Library, please email us at grayson@childrenscommunication.com so we can say, “Thank You!”

The success of our #LittleOnesRock campaign suggests that it will continue as the community shares their own #BeRocks from #AtoZ .

We invite you to use our #hashtag, #littleonesrock, as you create your own rocks to continue our campaign.

Because, our little ones ROCK!

Contact us for any questions or to share your #LittleOnesRock story!

Thank you to our Founder & Director, Lori Savage Grayson for envisioning and sharing this project with the community.

A message from our Director: This project’s success was possible because of our creative, supportive, and talented #LittleOnesRock #BeRocks from #AtoZ Team! Much appreciation to Zachary R.S. Grayson, our Social Media/Technical Adviser, Brianna Barnabee, our PR consultant, and Andrew S. Grayson, my irreplaceable “silent partner”, Thank You All!!