A Day in the Life of This SLP: Winter Storm Grayson

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Winter Storm Grayson

Snow in Tallahassee

YES, it snowed today! NO, we are not related to Winter Storm Grayson!

Snow in 1989

You may have heard that the last measurable snow in Tallahassee was December 24, 1989. Our older son was 23 months old. My childhood friend and her family were visiting from Chicago on their way to Miami Beach. And then it snowed!

In the words of my friends from Chicago, “Yes, this is real snow!”

Snow in 2018

Today’s snow was real too!

While it was less in quantity, it was equal or more in excitement. The Weather Channel reporters continue to mention “measurable snow in Tallahassee”.

Yesterday, the decision to keep schools closed for Winter Storm Grayson brought the mixed comments, both negative and positive. It does complicate family life when school is closed unexpectedly…

But this morning, the louder voices were filled with anticipation, excitement, positive energy, and gleeful sounds from children.

Photos and videos fill our social media pages and the views through the eyes of our children is priceless.

Some of our family’s pictures and videos!

We are happily sharing the video from the City of Tallahassee. 

Next up, creative snow people shared by the Tallahassee Democrat. While some may say we lacked in a real quantity of snow, we did not lack in creativity or snow people accessories!

The Snow has melted…Now What?!

You may be wondering how to capture the rest of the day now that the snow is melting…

Everyone is tired and maybe “bored”.

Not to worry, this pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) has ideas to share!

All of these ideas are approved by our SLP friends, so have fun!

Inside FUN

Try some new warm and delicious recipes or fun kitchen science with YaYa’s in the Kitchen.

Gorgeous new pie plate & mixing bowls! Photo: CCC/LSG

Knit or crochet a red infant hat to share with us for the American Heart Association’s Little Hats, Big Hearts Campaign. We are delivering by Friday, January 5th.

Paint some rocks to add to our Little Ones Rock Campaign with some personalized, “be _____, little one” Fill in the blank with words to encourage. Use our hashtags on the back, #littleonesrock and #tlhrocks, and then hide in the natural path of young children!

#ChildrensCommunication #BeRocks #AtoZ #BacktoSchool

Read together…

Shared family reading creates shared memories! ~ Photo:PPW

Write a story with your children about this special day. They can dictate and you can type, add your photos or let them draw.

Blank books, reading books, coloring pencils, book marks & more!

Enjoy some art! Grab some paper, scissors, paint, markers, glue, buttons, cotton, twigs, and more…

You can never have enough colors or art supplies for projects! Photo: PPW

PLAY together! The Art of Playing with board games, dress-up, charades, hide-n-seek, build with blocks or Legos, or a new game your child creates. Be sure to have them outline the rules first!

“We work hard at play because a child’s work is to play!” Photo: CCC

Outside FUN

Celebrate the 6th month anniversary of our Little Free Libraries, dedicated to the children & families of our community. Visit our libraries at Winthrop Park’s playground. Share a Book & Borrow a Book at our Little Free Library!

This single gifted heart rock blossomed into our Little Ones Rock campaign. Photo: CCC/ASG

Share photos with us of your Snow Day!

ENJOY this unexpected, unusual, and extra time with your children!

A snowy day in the life of This SLP,


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NOTE: In 1989, my friends were the last car allowed on I-10 East and it was a challenging trip to South Florida with limited gas, food, and other necessities. As I recall, it took them close to 15 hours…but they arrived safely. Their young son is now a new father living in the Chicago area and our 23 month year old is now a Technical Artist living in the Seattle area. Memories we continue to share!

As for Winter Storm Grayson, we know the impact will shift from joyous to serious as it heads from Florida to Maine. The double edge sword of the light snow dusting in Tallahassee is predicted to cause havoc as the storm moves on. Our thoughts are with those who will experience the more dangerous side of this winter storm. Be prepared, stay warm, and be safe!